The Hidden Portal Book One HTML version

The Hidden Portal
Book One
By Colin J Platt
Smashwords Edition
Copyright Colin J Platt 2015
The students who complete this mission will receive a reward. The reward will be something
of great importance. O nly students of high perception will achieve their goal. This series of tests
is an enigma and a simple way for you to find a treasure of inestimable value. This is not a game;
it is a way to freedom. Do not doubt, but keep always in your consciousness the light at the end
of the tunnel, or the Hidden Portal. The clues are in my books, artwork, and other places, please
don’t get discouraged, you are the future and the future is eternity, please believe it.
First test...Go to the book The Inner Dragon book one, and find out the name of the main
character’s girlfriend, and what is the illegal thing they intend to do. You can email me or you can save them up till later, onwards, my friends.