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Chapter 31
And turned the thistles of a curse
To types beneficent.--WORDSWORTH
It was about three weeks after the rendezvous at Bellagio, that Sir Guy and Lady Morville
arrived at Vicenza, on their way from Venice. They were in the midst of breakfast when
Arnaud entered, saying,--
'It was well, Sir Guy, that you changed your intention of visiting the Valtelline with
Captain Morville.'
'What! Have you heard anything of him?'
'I fear that his temerity has caused him to suffer. I have just heard that an Englishman of
your name is severely ill at Recoara.'
'At "la badia di Recoara". It is what in English we call a watering- place, on the
mountains to the north, where the Vicentini do go in summer for "fraicheur", but they
have all returned in the last two days for fear of the infection.'
'I'll go and make inquiries' said Guy, rising in haste. Returning in a quarter of an hour, he
said,--'It is true. It can be no other than poor Philip. I have seen his doctor, an Italian,
who, when he saw our name written, said it was the same. He calls it "una febbre molto
'Very heavy! Did he only know the name in writing?'
'Only from seeing it on his passport. He has been unable to give any directions.'
'How dreadfully ill he must be! And alone! What shall we do? You won't think of leaving
me behind you, whatever you do?' exclaimed Amabel, imploringly.
'It is at no great distance, and--'
'0, don't say that. Only take me with you. I will try to bear it, if you don't think it right;
but it will be very hard.'
Her eyes were full of tears, but she struggled to repress them, and was silent in suspense
as she saw him considering.
'My poor Amy!' said he, presently; 'I believe the anxiety would be worse for you if I were
to leave you here.'