The Heart of an Assassin HTML version

Chapter32-Felicia Gets a Call
Chapter33-In Protective Custody
Chapter34-First Stop
Chapter35-Second Stop
Chapter36-Here One Day, Gone the Other
Chapter37-In Early News
Chapter38-The Giordano Family Meeting
Chapter39-OCTF Headquarters
Chapter40-A New Gunsmith in Town
Chapter41-A Change of Heart
Chapter42-A New Identity
Chapter43-Ravena New York
Chapter44-Giordano Family Mobilizes
Chapter45-Closing In
Chapter46-Up and Away
Chapter47-The Giordanos Meet
Chapter48-Adriana Romano
Chapter49-Nowhere to Hide
Chapter50-Final Preparation
Chapter51-A Shot Is Taken
Chapter52-The End of Life Commences with the Beginning of
Chapter53-A Day of Reckoning
Chapter54-A New Beginning
Chapter55-A Blast from the Past