The Heart of an Assassin HTML version

Table of Contents
Chapter1-The Call
Chapter2-An Assassin’s Attorney and Accountant
Chapter3-The Giordano Family
Chapter4-The Costellino Family
Chapter5-The Arrival
Chapter6-Help From A Stranger
Chapter7-The Cleanup
Chapter8-A New neighbor
Chapter9-The Black Aces
Chapter10-An Assassin’s Plan
Chapter11-The Dinner Invite
Chapter12-The Good News
Chapter13-La Celebrazione
Chapter14-Giordano Family Acts
Chapter15-Las Ristorante
Chapter16-In Harm’s Way
Chapter17-A Family’s Sorrow
Chapter18-Uncle George
Chapter19-The Take Out
Chapter20-A Survivor
Chapter21-Good-bye, Bolnaldo Costellino
Chapter22-The Bitter Taste of Revenge
Chapter23-Twenty Years Later
Chapter24-The Task Force
Chapter25-An Unexpected Break
Chapter26-Tyler’s Return
Chapter27-The Assignment
Chapter28-Missing in Action
Chapter29-When Two Is Better Than One
Chapter30-A Blast From the Past
Chapter31-A Gruesome Discovery