The Heart of an Assassin


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Book Description

A warring crime family hires an assassin to take out the crime boss of another family. You follow the assassin as he closes in on his mark while at the same time you start to see the human side of his character and you wonder what made him this way. Witness the events that steal the innocence of a child, a child who befriends the assassin. Finally, be there when both meet once again twenty years later on opposite sides of the law. Readers have stated that they simply couldn't put the book down. In the Heart of an Assassin Tony Bertot left the readers wanting more as the characters came to life with the turn of each page. Then he captivated us further with a prequel to his first book; The Birth of an Assassin, is enticing, hooking the reader right from the get-go. It only takes one moment to transform an individual, but Theo Gresco, has been front and center in two such occasions resulting in lost innocence. They say that for everything that happens there is a reason. That cannot be more true than when Theo undergoes his transformation from an innocent child to a deadly and calculating assassin. The novel revolves around the rise of the Giordano and Costellino crime families. The Birth of an Assassin is set against the backdrop of two major U.S. cities%u2014Chicago and New York%u2014in the early 1940s, and spans nearly two decades, from 1942 to 1964. Finally, the climax; The Legacy of the Assassin. The twists and turns that make up the third book keeps you on the edge of your seat. You find yourself rooting for the assassin saying to yourself "They should never have gotten him mad." Readers biggest complaint; "They just couldn't put it down". In the Birth of an Assassin, the prequel to this book, you witness the rise of the two crime families and the events that made Theo an Assassin. In the Legacy of the Assassin it all comes to a climax as a contract is taken out on the Assassin as he now turns his attention to those that are now hunting him.


Gr8 book sir..mindblowing...hope i cud all rest of series here sir....pls share ur other books here.....


Good story love it!!!!!!

Ritwik Raghav

I am going to read the whole series... good one really....

Yuni Waah

I am totally captivated by the story. I really can't put the book down.

kathy simmons

great story.

Joan K Robinson

Thanks for finding me a new series of books to read. I got this one then went to Barnes and Noble and got the other two. I hope they are as good as the reviews

Tony Bertot

Mellowdee, Thank you for your comments. You can order the sequel and/or prequel at the following sites; Just to mention a few.

Tony Bertot

Robert, Thank you for your comments. You can order the sequel and/or prequel at the following sites; Just to mention a few.

Tony Bertot

Jack, It's funny that you say that. The prequel "The Birth of an Assassin" tells it all. Thank you for your comments. You can order the sequel and/or prequel at the following sites; Just to mention a few.

Tony Bertot

Michele, Thank you for your comments. You can order the sequel and/or prequel at the following sites; Just to mention a few.

Tony Bertot

Harry, sorry I don't have the other books here. However, if you tell others about my books I would gladly let you have one for free as a way of saying thank you. http://www.thestorytellertonyb... Just let me know. Best regards.

Harry Nielsen

Excellent read.. wish the rest of his books were on Free-EBooks.

Michele Shields

Great read! Wonderful story ... wonderfully written!

Hannah Everitt

I absolutely loved this book!! Nothing to fault

Jack Burston

The story was interesting, but despite the title, we never really get any deep insight into the mind or personality of this assassin.


Tight well paced story. It was difficult to put this story down when reading it. Nick Costello is a very interesting character. I will definitely read the prequel to learn more about him and how he came to his profession.


A page-turner. A pro assassin, a mafia family, the FBI and NYPD... mix them up in intelligence and counter-intelligence, you get 5 stars – Grab this book now and forget the one you’re reading!

Mellowdee Moon

I absolutely loved this book. I haven't done a thing for two days whilst I read it. Quick Paced read, with nice length segments. Such an interesting outlook focusing on the assassins life view. I cannot wait to read the next two in the series.

Jim Faulkner

1. this story has been told many times to varying degrees2. The writer was telling more than showing.3 If the author intends to continue writting, and i suggest he does, I' would advise hime to join a wrter's workshop where other writer's critique would strengthen his efforts4. Good luck

Geoff Clarke

An enjoyable story. I look forward to further work.

Lane Vill

I am holding my breath after reading this, superbly done by Tony Bertot, love this novel...


Lovely book, should be turned into a movie.

Lesley Tervet

Absolutely loved this book. Great storyline and well written. Not my normal read and found i couldn't put this book down. Was soooo disappointed when i reached the last page as I didn't want it to end. Hope the be continued brings a follow up soon :). Lesley

Tony Bertot

Muito obrigado por seus coment


meu comentario eh em portugues, o que, sei, o autor nao entende. No entanto sinto-me regozijado por poder comentar acerca do livro. Uma obra bem concebida que mantem o leitor interessado no que vem a seguir. Pareceu-me interessante a maneira como o autor apresenta o personagem principal, que para mim eh o Nick Costello, alias, Teodisio Gresco a sair triunfante de todas as situacoes, salvo a ultima, em que eh morto pelo proprio filho (pelo menos assim entendi). Enfim, uma grande obra literaria e estou interessado em ler as demais obras do autor.


Tony Bertot

I have always enjoyed telling stories to my friends while growing up. I remember sitting behind PS125 in New York City on summer days and telling stories to Robert and Nelson, that I would make up at the spur of the moment. Later on in life as a parent I kept my kids and their friends entertained with my stories. I always put them as characters in my stories which added to the excitement. The stories could be funny or scary; depending on what they wanted to hear. It could be about monsters, wolves, name it I would make a story about whatever they wanted to hear. It wasn't until I retired in 2008, as I was leaving the office for the last time, a good friend suggested I write a book. It stuck and I wrote my first book; The Heart of an Assassin in April of 2009. In 2010 I released my 2nd book; The Birth of an Assassin and in 2011 I released the final book; The Legacy of the Assassin. In 2012 I ventured into the macabre with; Hell Train. In 2010 I moved to Surprise Arizona, from Cheektowaga New York, and am looking to settling here and continue writing and telling my stories as long as I can. I am currently working on two books; Among Us and Tragedy. My email address is Best regards and thank you for reading my books.

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