The Haunting of Reindeer Manor HTML version

The truck was found abandoned twenty miles north of Denton, Texas, along interstate
thirty-five. All identification on the truck had been destroyed, though the cargo remained.
The driver was never found.
Dallas News
Friday, October 31, 2008
Ghost Confirmed!
Above you will see an actual photograph taken at the famous Reindeer Manor in Red
Oak, Texas. A photographer for Dallas County, standing on Houston School Road,
photographed the dilapidated road prior to reconstruction in February. One of his
photographs captured a ghostly image standing just inside the property line.
Many investigators have visited the famous house and though they have recorded
strange phenomena, none have produced such undeniable evidence. This may be in part
because the owner of the property, who has requested we not publish his name, has never
allowed anyone to stay for very long. Portions of some of the investigations can be found
on the website YouTube, under the search phrase “Reindeer Manor.”
All Hallow’s Eve
Dr. Anderson put down the newspaper. Next to it laid his rejection. He had worked so
hard and come so close that to be stopped now was almost criminal. Could this be the
answer he was looking for? He thought about it all afternoon, then on the way home
decided he had to go to Reindeer Manor.