The Haunting of Reindeer Manor HTML version

To Pasty,
With you, I can only
Deep in the tall grass, far out in the pasture, where the cattle were grazing in peace,
the faint sound of a gunshot was heard. As the sound traveled across the pasture, echoing
off a tree line in the distance, the cattle only lowed softly.
Moments later, the wind died as clouds blocked the sunlight. The tall grass that had
been waving back and forth majestically stilled suddenly, as if stopping to notice. Only
the fading echo of the gunshot could be heard, but it too went silent seconds later.
The air became stale and lifeless. The wasps in the distance calmed themselves and
returned to their nests. The ants and spiders resumed their work. The cattle looked at each
other, then slowly walked toward the back corner of the pasture. There, they found a hole
in the fence, and left the property one by one, never to return.
Around 75 years later…
On a lonely road in northwestern Montana, a man was walking with his thumb out.
The temperature was a ghastly three above zero with a wind chill of negative ten.
After several hours, a trucker pulled his rig over and offered the man a ride. “Where
ya headed mister?”
“I have no destination.”
The trucker tipped his hat. “Well, this load’s going south. I wouldn’t mind the