The Harvest of Area 51 HTML version

“And the next door neighbors when he was finished. We don’t know how many he
killed on his way here since he travels at night, but he leaves his victims mutilated. What
ha ve you heard from other agents?”
“That the Pattern is growing more insistent and we are as blind as ever. We have
reports of an unknown vessel submerged in the Atlantic Ocean with a distress signal
creating electro- magnetic radiation that alters compass readings and distorts radar near
the Bermuda Triangle. Agents are investigating more UFO abductions in small town
Alaska, with continued incidents of indelicate mental probes. Unfortunately moral
evolution isn’t as absolute as technological growth, and for this specific alien race they
apparently don’t mind invasively torturing us with their memories to see how we react.
There’s also an institute studying translocation that is rumored to be on the verge of
advanced quantum teleportation.”
“How advanced?”
“Not just particles now, they’re transporting mice through the superposition of
wave-forms, or so they say. We also have a serious cult growing in Utah called the „Sons
of Darkness, Daughters of Light.’ They profess to believe that they can manifest a
spiritual gateway between worlds through sacrifice but the ethical deterioration is always
the same. They start with animals and when the value of blood is quantified logically
they move on to humans, virgins, and finally children. Their orgies gather a certain type
of follower, loyal to the bone, but as always they have no concept of self- sacrifice, the
only real path to enlightenment. We are all perverts in desire but rarely in action, and the
resulting determination for self-control is the sacrifice that society makes to ascend.
Happiness is the unconscious disavowal of the false limitation of duality, it is elusive
specifically because it has no structure. Everyone seeks it as a mirage in the desert, but
the central fault of cults is the lie that we are ever truly separate from the light of the
“What else? It seems that the Commission is busy.”
“There’s a serial killer in Montana hiding the brutality of his murd ers as wolf attacks.
One of our agents thinks he was inspired by the psychopath who hid behind crimes
committed by the Beast of Gevaudan in France in the 1760s, but they are close to reeling
in his insanity. Other successes are minimal yet distinct, we caught a hypnotist in New
Jersey who started thinking of himself as a psychic vampire, feeding from the terror he
could instill in his patients without their knowledge. He had to put the trauma
somewhere, so during his sessions he created a recall mechanis m in their fear to perceive
a vision of an ethereal demon, historically known in that area as the Jersey Devil.
Hysteria did the rest, but he eventually crossed the line and became a monster stepping
from the nightmares he created.”
“I heard about that, though you never know what to believe in this career.”
“The Commission also closed a case for the lead scientist running a study to test
astral projection for use in regenerative medicine. As a brief exercise, she was
determined to see if they could pinpoint the Whitechapel district of London in the late
1800s to discover the real Jack the Ripper. Unfortunately she dug so deep through
sensory deprivation and psychiatric manipulation that she came to believe that she was
the reincarnation of the Ripper himself. After a few sleepless nights for our agents and
three of her colleagues dead and disemboweled, we finally caught up to her. She still
claims to have no recollection of the events.”