The Hampton Couples HTML version

“Marvellous l will arrange a double wedding at once with your betrotheds parents” their father said.
Christian then walked out of Vanessa and Zionessa’s quarters and then went to see Rudalia’s
“See what that mop did” said Vanessa angrily.
“L know but it could be for the better” Zionessa said optimistically holding her sisters hand.
“It had better be for the better” Vanessa said to that. Zionessa and Vanessa’s parents were the king
and queen of Heartland a secondary kingdom to heart field where green wizards lived and blue and
black wizards also. Cygmina was a princess of the fairies before she got married and Christian a black
wizard. Cygmina got turned into a black wizard when she got married. When Cygmina and Christian
arrived at heart fields castle the first thing they did was see Rudalia’s and lord Williams parents. Lord
Williams and Rudalia’s parents were Rufadus and daisy. Rufadus had light brown hair on his face and
the top of his head, the hair on his face was to make him more manly. Rudalia had curly black
shoulder length hair like his mother daisy. When Christian and Cygmina were presented to Rufadus
Christian said.
“It seems my daughters are unhappy with our little arrangement”
“What is that to me?” Rufadus questioned “Your daughters must do as they must” he said.
“Well it seems Vanessa likes Lord William and Zionessa likes Rudalia” Christian explained.
“Oh l see, tonight l am holding a royal ball and the first girl my sons dance with shall be theirs to
wed” Rufadus said running up to the top of the stairs and tripping over on the way. “I’m okay” the
fallen king said
Chapter3- The royal ball
“Sons l have some important news” the king said urgently to his duelling sons.
“Yes father” Rudalia said putting down his sword and Lord William also.
“Tonight there is to be a royal ball and l have changed my mind about your arranged marriages” the
king said.
“And what about the ball” Lord William asked.
“Tonight the first girl you dance with shall be your bride” explained Rufadus walking off. After the
king had gone off the boys got excited.
“The first girl I’m dancing with is Zionessa” Rudalia said.
“And I’m dancing with my Vanessa” Lord William said and the brothers started duelling again.
“Vanessa, Zionessa”King Christian called out to his daughters.
“Yes father” Vanessa answered sitting in her royal chair next to Zionessa.