The Hampton Couples HTML version

“Really, do you want to tell me some of his secrets” Zionessa whispered.
“He loves Vanessa he told me” he said.
“So he loves Vanessa, but the question is does she love him” Zionessa questioned.
“Yeah she does love him” Rudalia said. “And you know what” Rudalia whispered. “They are going to
run away together on the day before your wedding” he whispered again.
“No, this will break our parents, my mother’s heart will be broken if she does this” Zionessa said.
“And my father will be angry” he said patting her on the shoulder.
“L have to stop this” Zionessa said bursting into tears.
“L know but this is the only way we can be together” Rudalia said.
“We can’t be together not like this”
Chapter 2- Zionessa talks to Vanessa
“Hey” Zionessa’s sister said greeting her.
“So hi how are you?” Zionessa asked.
“Not feeling so good” Vanessa replied.
“What’s the problem sis?” Zionessa asked sitting down next to Vanessa on the table.
“L don’t want to marry Rudalia, l want to marry William” she said gloomily.
“L don’t want to marry William but l know l have to” she paused and said “I’m in love with Rudalia l
don’t want to marry William at all” Zionessa said.
“L know we must do as we must”
A sneaky palace servant Britannia was listening and reported this to the girls father but luckily t he
girl did not hear the other part of the conversation.
“Vanessa l heard that you and William were planning on running away together “ Zionessa said.
“Who told you that, that sneaky servant Britannia, the girl is a mop” Vanessa snapped.
“Youu can’t do this to mother and father” Zionessa said holding Vanessa’s hand and whispering
“Rudalia told me this today” she confided. All of a sudden there was a banging of feet through the
corridor and a knock on the door.
“Open up” said their father. The girls knew that the mop had betrayed them so they opened up to
their father.
“L heard you desire each others bethrothed” Their father said. “Is this true?” the father asked softly.
“Yes it is?” Vanessa replied.