The Hampton Couples HTML version

The Hampton couples Part1- Zionessa and Rudalia
Chapter1- A sad bride
Zionessa was to marry Lord William in two weeks. Lord William was a handsome prince. The brother
to Rudalia the next king of heartfield but her heart was for Rudalia’s only but she knew she had to
marry Lord William even though she was not in love with him. She was sad that she could not marry
him . If l was married to him l would want him to be sweet and romantic and give me fresh pink roses
everyday she thought sadly to herself.
“Honey are you ready for your dress picking?” her mother Cygmina asked.
“Yes l am” Zionessa replied dreading this wedding. Zionessa was only twenty four years old and was
getting married on her 25th birthday which was two weeks away. Zionessa and Cygmina walked into
the dress design shop and Zionessa had to choose a wedding dress with feathers and a flowing skirt.
If only l could wear this for Rudalia Zionessa thought. Zionessa went back to their castle home and
relaxed. Zionessa had been meeting up with Rudalia secretly ever since the day her marriage to
William was announced. Every day they met up in a different place so they could not be caught.
“If only l could marry you” Zionessa said with pity.
“Don’t worry l know that in my blood and that in your blood we will and shall be married” Rudalia
said to her.
“L know, if only l could change everything” Zionessa said.
“Okay” Rudalia said lying on the ground putting his hands on his head. Zionessa and Rudalia were
having a picnic by the waterfall when they saw a unicorn in the bushes and then disappearing for the
threat of being hunted down.
“One day l will create a world where unicorns can roam free and live in peace and no more hunters”
Rudalia said sharing his dream to Zionessa.
“L agree honey” Zionessa said touching his muscular arm. “You should do it” she said affectionately
kissing him on the lips for a long time. As they were kissing they rolled over and Rudalia ended up on
top of Zionessa.
“L think we shall do this more after we are married not now” Rudalia said ending the kiss.
“Why ever not?” Zionessa asked.
“Because you are engaged to my brother Lord William and l am engaged to your sister Vanessa and
this is wrong for you and it’s wrong for me but love l want to be with you and you should feel the
same” he said.
“L do feel the same l do l do” she said.
“Hey there is a royal ball tonight and my first dance shall be with you not my betrothed” Rudalia
promised giving her a quick kiss. “My brother confided in me last night” said Rudalia lying back