The Hammer Five HTML version

At one of the robots, a slim bodied scientist in plain glass spectacles and an
unbuttoned lab coat was standing on a stool. Very carefully attaching small welds to a
circuit board at the robot‘s, open ‗head side‘ by the use of a small, welding tool.
In general appearance, he appeared ‗humble‘, with short yellow hair on his head,
and wide, almost flat shoulders connecting to his neck. Down to his left side close to the
same robot‘s lower limb, was a technician by the name of Briton, who was re-wiring
another complex circuit using the same type of welding tool. Taller than his colleague,
Briton was a younger technician who wore black-framed spectacles.
Through its flickering, black tinted Heads Up Display (HUD), the robot
attempted to scan their faces and everything else around them; it‘s HUD becoming
clearer as the scientists continued to weld, and finally settling into a crisp, high
definition, detailed display.
It ran quick scans of everything on its line of sight; including the scientist‘s
identification tag--―Dr. Stephens" it displayed - a man who was about forty years old
but looked a little younger.
―What do you think happened?" Briton asked Stephens while working.
―Had to be the circuit boards." Stephens relied, ―Must have…" He paused his
answer as he was carefully split a wire from the circuit board, ―…sent some kind of
charge into the control matrix." He completed after splitting the wire, ―Which got an
overload, and initiated self destruct, somehow."
―Maybe it was the software?" Briton suggested, ―Either way, how could
something like that just happen?" He wondered as he paused,"I mean, there‘s like, ten,
hard wired reasons for a robot to do that? How does it just blow up without any one of
them?" He wondered.
―Well, there‘s no way to find out now, the damn thing‘s wreckage." Stephens
stated as he continued to work, with Briton thinking about it.