The Hammer Five HTML version

While moving through the steel walkways in the corridors of the sixth floor, one
could see inside the various, busy sections through the glass walls: as the tens of
technicians moved miles of coiled cables and mechanical parts on big, steel trolleys into
one of the huge Assembly Halls.
Inside the Assembly Halls were rows and rows of assembly lines, which had
complicated, advanced machinery with which keen ‗nerds‘ worked on the various,
insanely complex, robot parts.
In a restricted section somewhere on the sixth floor, was the Testing Area; a vast
hall inside of which an army of technicians were putting seven hundred of the latest
generation robots--The Hammer-5s--through their paces.
Each of the robots was about the height of a military truck, standing on their
complicated ‗limbs‘ in their designated spots across the hall as the technicians worked
on them.
Their polished titanium frames were partially visible under their cream white,
hardened steel ‗covering‘--with state of the art, black glass covering their Heads Up
Displays (HUDs).
Firmly attached on their big, ‗bodies‘, were all kinds of combat equipment and
machinery--Everything from state of the art radar systems and radio jammers, to rocket
pods and heavy machine gun cannons. They were complicated machines that looked
both beautiful and very deadly, each with the name Hammer-5 and the armed forces
robotics logo clearly inscribed on the same spot on their right limbs.
Across the hall‘s floor, ran hundreds of cables, connecting the robots to the many
huge, super computers inside the Testing Control Room, which was separated from the
hall by a glass wall. And inside the control room, was another team of up to fifty
technicians--who were very keen on their monitors as they repeatedly tested the
software running the machines.