The Hammer Five HTML version

―We need that evac right now!" The Lead agent demanded through his earpiece
as the robot stormed out of the kitchen towards them. As it approached, some of his
agents stopped and drew their ‗folded‘ P90 submachine guns--openly shooting in an
attempt to cover them as they rushed the president behind the tons of supplies and
equipment--through the unfinished storage area towards the big windows.
―You better have good reason for keeping us on this got damn floor!" the lead
agent yelled through his earpiece from behind cover; bearing witness as his agents were
getting wiped out by the machine which was coming fast towards them.
Doing their best, they kept moving the president towards the big windows --
outside of which was parking structure across the narrow street. And ascending the
barely occupied parking structure on the spiral driveway, were the first two humvees
moving at high speed speeding up; accelerating further as they raced into the third
Inside the Hotel, the three secret service agents who were left had gotten the
president closest to the windows; and with nowhere else to go, they watched as the
others got obliterated while trying to shield them with their P90s.
―Keep punching it!" Mark kept pushing the drivers, who kept accelerating into
the fifth floor with their speed gauges reading close to two hundred; and on towards
the glass wall, they sped without any hesitation.
―Right through it! Punch it!" Mark continued as the vehicles accelerated even
further--Charging out the glass wall and with their momentum, falling forwards in
curve towards the fourth floor of the hotel.
―We‘re not going to make it! I repeat! We‘re not going to…" The lead Agent was
reporting as the two humvees CRASHED IN through the windows very close behind
them--Landing to a dead stop two meters in front of them as the Staff Sergeant and his