The Hammer Five HTML version

―Run a full scan of the area?" He requested.
―Running scans now." Gracie replied as she quickly scanned all the buildings in
the vicinity of the Grand Hotel--labeling and displaying all relevant information about
them. And from the well labeled footage, Mark noticed a parking structure behi nd the
hotel--it was the closest to the building and while studying it, he quickly thought.
―Okay everybody, listen up!" he started instructing his soldiers through the
radio while referring to the footage which was appearing inside all of the humvees.
―We‘re going to split up! Brian, you‘re going to take half the team and go all the
way around to the front of the hotel! You‘ll provide cover as we get out!" He ordered.
―Mike, you‘re with me! We‘re going up the parking structure to the fifth floor;
we‘re going to drop to hotel‘s fourth floor!"
―You‘re out of your mind Staff Sergeant!" Cpl. Mike responded through the
―It‘s the only way they‘re getting out of that place! Push it Rodgers!" He said to
the driver as the vehicles charged on.
Back inside the hotel, terrified attendants were running across a cracked floor, as
one of the Hammer-5‘s suddenly charged up from below; causing the floor to
completely give in with the servants falling through towards the bottom.
Through the large kitchen, it rammed quickly as the confused chefs dived under
the slabs; trying to save themselves as it made its way towards the back side of the
fourth floor--the same direction towards which the secret service was rushing the