The Hammer Five HTML version

He sat next to a Private (PV2) by the name of Rodgers--who was the driver of the
first humvee--and behind Rodgers, sat a Corporal (CPL) by the name of Collins.
Loading up behind Mark was a weapons Specialist by the name of Miller, who was the
youngest on the team and appeared the ‗smartest‘.
Driving the second humvee was a Corporal by the name of Mike, with another
called Nelson sitting next to him, and two others at the back seats. Another Corporal by
the name of Brian sat in the third Humvee with the other three soldiers.
―We read you general! We‘re about seven hundred meters from the hotel and
moving fast! Over!" Mark replied through the radio as he continued to prepare his
―We‘ve got the president trapped on the fourth floor as we speak! Choppers
won‘t make it until the next nine minutes! You need to get over there right now!"
Michaels advised through the radio.
―Copy that sir! Requesting aerial view of the hotel! Over!"
―You‘ll be receiving it shortly! Standby!" Michaels assured--as the ten-inch, glass
screen on the dashboard turned on and started ‗loading…‘ After three seconds, a high
definition, live aerial view of the hotel and the buildings around it appeared.
―Got it sir." Mark confirmed as he observed the image.
―Tell them to hold on that floor, we‘re going to extract them from above."
―Mind me asking how you‘re going to do that Sergeant?"
―Better if you don‘t know sir. Over." Mark ended the call.
―Gracie?" He called ‗the vehicle‘s computer‘,
―Yes sir?" The computer responded with a female voice.