The Hammer Five HTML version

―Find him and keep me up to speed with whatever happens. I want this dealt
with immediately!"
―Absolutely sir, we‘ve also got a team is on its way to escort you out of the
―Understood secretary, keep me posted." The president responded and then got
off the phone. ―Cancel the school trips; I need to deal with this." He instructed the
secret service agent with the folded shirt; who picked up the phone as the president
turned to walk out of the room.
―How far are they?" the Sec Def asked just as he got off the phone.
―Making way towards him now." Abie answered.
―Put them on." Michaels requested as Abie connected the comm. to Stephens‘s
evacuation team, whose codename was Extraction.
―Extraction do you read? Over?" Michaels called through the comm.
An army squad of nine, properly armed soldiers, Extraction was waiting at a
corner of a shoe store besides a rubble filled, war torn street; along which a platoon of
thirty two soldiers was struggling to put down a relentless Hammer-5.
―We read you command! Over!" the commanding officer of Extraction, Sergeant
Lugo, replied through his radio.
―We‘re tracking the doctor moving along a series of tunnels about three miles
north-east of your position, sending the signal over to you now." Michaels informed
Lugo as one of his subordinates--a young communications specialist--pulled an
enclosed tablet device on which he received Stephens‘s location.