The Hammer Five HTML version

patrolling around an open door leading into a large suite which had a nice, golden-
orange-theme finish.
Inside the suite was, The President discussing with an ‗official‘ who was wearing
round spectacles while going through a document; as the Lead agent, a serious, well
built, hard looking man with short brown hair, walked in towards him.
―Sec Def on the line for you sir. We‘ve got a big problem." He informed the
president who handed the official the folder; walking fast out of the suite with the Lead
agent and several others, and getting into another room which had several more secret
service agents. On the telephone, was an agent who had his shirt folded to his elbow.
―Put it on speaker please." The president requested the agent, who placed back
the earpiece and placed the call on speaker.
―What is it Mr. Secretary?" The President asked,
―We‘ve got a code red at the labs, Hammer-5s on the loose, they‘re attacking the
city." Said the man in suit from the pentagon over the phone--He was the Defense
Secretary (Sec Def).
―How did this happen!" The President wondered,
―We‘re still trying to figure that out."
―You mean to tell me that we have our own robots, running lose in the city, and
killing people!" The President asked again.
―We‘re trying to contain the situation. It looks bad but we‘ve got a defense line
set up as we try to get the civilians out."
―What about the labs! They should answer for this?"
―Everything went down but we‘ve tracked Stephens. We‘ve got a team on its
way to bring him in."