The Hammer Five HTML version

Stephens was the last in the line of escapees inside the tunnel, running very fast
behind the woman and the other survivors in the direction of the city. While running,
the woman tripped on a crossing pipe; and as she was falling with her daughter,
Stephens jumped-in and grabbed her.
―Get up! Go!" He shouting at her as he grabbed the child from her arms; carrying
her as the woman got up and ran on. Following closely, Stephens ran as the Hammer-5
crashed down a distance behind him and started chasing him.
In the city streets, tens of advanced, Cougar four by four personnel couriers and
Humvees were pulling up; and with them, were the fearsome WILD BEASTS - Six
wheeled, completely self-controlled, armored, armed robotic vehicles - each about the
size of an average lorry.
Out of the vehicles, the hundreds of soldiers were diving out; heavily armed
with the heavy assault rifles loaded with explosive rounds, and the hand held, multiple -
rocket launchers. While setting up the defense line, they cleared the civilian off the
streets; taking positions and preparing to take on the fast approaching, destructive
In no time, an exchange had started; as the soldiers and the wild beasts launched
tens of missiles and rockets across miles towards the fiercely advancing Hammer-5s;
blowing up a few and maiming others as more erupted onto the surface and started
returning heavy fire.
About five miles behind the defense line, stood ‗The Grand hotel‘; a beautiful,
classy, ten-story, tinted glass structure standing in an area untouched by the chaos.
Inside a light-orange lit corridor in its fourth floor, were several, serious faced men in
neat, black suits and earpieces keeping watch; standing keen with their colleagues