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And this time, they would persist as well, until Edison and his company had fallen for
As the man himself walked out after the hearing session, the crowds intensified
their efforts; causing the officers to cover him and wrestle to keep them back from the
path--helping him make way towards the heavily guarded, black SUVs.
In terms of age, Edison was about sixty; a physically fit man who appeared
deeply remorseful. On his head, was white hair which was well kempt, on his eyes clear
glass spectacles, and on that day, he was dressed in a neat, two piece, black suit.
Towards him, the crowds continued to force their way; leaning into the path and
forcing the sweating officers to draw their pistols--shooting close to their legs to scare
them back--pushing Edison through the path, and into his vehicle, protecting his
convoy as it drove him off.
―We cannot have these, machines, in our armies!" The congressman on the floor
firmly stated as the members erupted; shouting and shutting each other down,
vigorously discussing among themselves and dismissing each other.
―Order! Order!" The elderly speaker of the house tried to quiet them, as his voice
drowned in the rising arguments which started to ‗fade‘ as another congressman shot
up and firmly spoke up.
―We cannot stop strengthening our forces because of an accident!" He stated; as
about half of the members shouted in support--giving him an ear as he continued.
―We cannot have this as an excuse!" He added as the members rose again. ―Did
we stop using nuclear power because tragedies struck!" He questioned the
congressman on the floor--as the members took the opportunity to ones again rise
against each other in total disagreement.