The Hammer Five HTML version

On one of the streets closer to the building, hundreds of molotov bombs were
flying across with trails of flames; exploding into huge fires close to the formations of
anti-riot officers backing away. In the opposite direction, tear gas canisters flew from
the officer‘s guns, spraying milky white, chocking fumes all over as the crowds
Through the back streets, several police squads were pursuing rioters on foot;
crossing with each other as they cut through the narrow back paths, chasing them into
the low cost flats, sprinting after them through the small supermarkets, and straight
along the corridors.
On getting closer, some of the officers dived onto their ‗targets‘, taking them
down and wrestling with them--forcefully cuffing their hands behind their backs and
forcing them on their feet.
On the same back streets, determined groups of rioters were also chasing the
officers; grabbing them and forcefully snatching their weapons; stripping them of their
protective clothing and beating the hell out of them.
Tires were burning on the main roads, warning shots being fired in the air to
scare the crowds which persisted. More ambulances were pulling up all over as others
were sped away; with paramedics attending to the casualties from both sides on the
battle-torn streets
They were receiving officers with knives thrusted into their chests, nursing
teenagers whose limbs were broken, and carrying away the elderly who were
suffocating from the tear gas.
Around the building itself, congested crowds were stressing the police line;
struggling to push into the compound and get into the hearing. They had battled like
that earlier in the year and successfully ended the rule of the exploitative corporations.