The Hammer Five HTML version

―Here they come, here they come, okaaay. Drop em!" Simon gave the word and
they opened fire; quickly shooting down the targeted patrols, as the noise from their fire
alerted all the other lookouts all over the village.
―Attack! We‘re under attack!!" All hell immediately broke loose as some of the
guards shouted while running all over the place; alerting everyone else as they rushed
and took up their weapons in preparing themselves.
Suddenly shooting was all over the place, as the alarms went off with the
surprised lookouts and guards running and strengthening the inner d efense lines.
Others were fearfully shooting while openly converging towards the dark areas under
which the soldiers were hiding.
―They‘re in the dark! In the dark!" Several of them yelled after spotting the origin
of the soldiers‘ fire--who started to slowly push forward through the darkness and
punching bullet holes into the randomly scattered guards.
While taking cover around the empty huts, they paused and reloaded in turns;
emerging and shooting their way towards the heavily defended, inner defense lines
while converging at a line of empty huts.
Randomly, they moved through those huts; confusing the guards as they shot
them down by surprise. While approaching the exit of the last hut in the line, they could
hear a guard yelling very loudly as he approached; and as they shot their way out, the
yelling guard suddenly came running on the rooftop of a hut a few meters in front of
In his hand, was an old sac which was quarter filled with some round objects;
carrying it as he suddenly jumped into down as his fellows dispersed, with Simon and
his soldiers spraying several bullets all over his body as he persisted and threw the sac
at them.