The Hammer Five HTML version

―Watch it Dante." Rusty advised through the comm.
―Rodger that." Dante replied; as they sneaked towards the second defense
perimeter while still several meters apart.
―All right guys," Simon whispered through the comm., ―There‘s too many of
them" He observed. ―We‘ll have to make some noise. Patrols! Up ahead! Coming
towards us!" He quickly noticed from his position at the side of the congested huts.
―Take positions and pick targets." He instructed as they positioned themselves in the
shadows; each of them aiming at one of the many foot patrols coming towards them
while keenly checking the area.
―Smoky?" Simon called in a low tone.
―Ready." Smoky responded while still laying flat next to the wall of a hut, with
his big gun aimed at the guard approaching him.
―Standing by."
―Locked and loaded."
―Just say the word."
All of them confirmed as they waited for the orders to execute the patrols.
―Get ready." Simon advised as the patrols got closer; keenly looking towards
them but unable to make them out in the darkness.