The Hammer Five HTML version

On the rooftops, were the lookouts spreading apart; taking positions and
establishing defense perimeters in what appeared to be lines--which intensified towards
the centre of the village at which was the big hut housing Mr. Sharif.
Aiding them in the fast falling darkness, were the old and dim flood lights,
which were tied to uneven posts spread all around the village; the same posts on which
the speakers of the hand-cranked alarm were also tied while facing different directions.
At the outermost perimeter, were four of the lookouts almost evenly spaced on
the rooftops; very seriously scanning the dark area as they started their watch.
One of them slowly walked towards the edge of the roof and stopped --seriously
observing the darkness for any suspicious movements--and as he was slowly turning
back around, Simon‘s strong, tattooed left hand quickly emerged from the dark and
caped his mouth. As he sent his big, shiny knife right through his throat and pulled him
The second lookout at the other side was just turning around, away from the
darkness while lighting a cigarette, when Smoky also capped his mouth and sent a knife
through his chest--taking him out in the same fashion and pulling him down into the
The other two had moved around and were about five meters apart--watching
the area keenly. One of them was closest to the edge, and as the other slowly turned and
looked away, Dante‘s two hands holding a wire quickly emerged over his head; as he
tightened the wire around his neck and chocked him while pulli ng him off the roof top.
As his colleague quickly turned around and realized his fellow missing, a big
knife flew in from the side and went straight through his throat; causing him to chock
while collapsing towards a wooden roof of a small shed below. And just as he was
falling, Rusty quickly sneaked out of the darkness and grabbed him--pulling him into
the same darkness he had sneaked out off.