The Hammer Five HTML version

―Could it be DoD?" He asked cautiously after a while.
―Why would they do that?" Stephens asked him back while working.
―I don‘t know, just came to me. Still can‘t believe they‘re going it all down."
―We don‘t know that yet." Stephens reminded him.
―You really think so?" Briton continued, as Stephens paused and looked down at
―Look, we work until the last minute, until they tell us we got to stop." He told
Briton and then turned back to work, ―That‘s all I know." He finished his answer as
Briton shrugged and joined him.
By mid-morning the next day, the voting on the bill was coming to a close. And
having passed in the House of Representatives earlier that morning, it was now up to
the senate. All over the streets outside, the citizens were following the proceedings on
the big city screens; keen on the process that had to meet their expectations, failure to
which they were more than willing to riot again.
Minutes later, the last vote was cast and the counting began; with a silence
sweeping the streets as the speaker of the senate took to the microphone.
―Total votes cast, were one hundred." He paused for some time, ―Forty eight
voted nay-," most of senators and the crowds in the streets supportively affirming as he
proceeded, ―-and fifty two voted aye, the bill, passes." He concluded.
By that evening, the president had signed it into law and it was all over; no more
military robotics development. No more Armed Forced Robotics and by extension, no
more Edison.