The Greatest Story of Fraud and Deception Never Read HTML version

National Assn of Elementary School Principals;
National Assn of Secondary School Principals;
National Assn of State Boards of Education;
National Center on Education & the Economy;
National Education Assn (NEA);
The National Parent Teachers Assn;
New American Schools Development Corp;
New Standards Project University of Pittsburgh; (9 based in DC; 3 in Alexandria, VA; 3 in Arlington, VA; 1 each in Chicago, IL;
Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Reston, VA). (Source— FRC)
From my research, I will also add many of the liberal foundations like Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, R. W. Johnson, and Pew to name
a few. I’d also include groups like the National Council of Teachers of English (That’s why many high schools no longer teach
English grammar) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (That’s why times tables, for the most part have been
eliminated). None of these groups is up front with what they do so that it takes a lot of digging to discover what they’re up to. Just one
example of fraud and deception needs to be included here:
Last week, the National Council of Teachers of Math came out with, ‘We now will place emphasis on times tables, not calculators.
We think we may have been wrong!’ (paraphrase) They have so much arrogant power that they can actually admit it and suffer no
consequences. But their admission has a selfish reason; you see, they can now publish books on how to teach the times tables and reap
financial profits from doing so. No book is needed to learn the times tables—just memorize them like our parents and grandparents
before us. When the single largest federal aid to education ever enacted by Congress was passed, Pres. Johnson told National
Education Assn educators: ‘We are going to get it started, but we are never going to get her stopped.’ LBJ was right but for all the
wrong reasons. I like to compare this to a giant ball at the top of a mountain, representing wisdom and knowledge, and a tiny ball at
the bottom of it representing federal spending. They have now reversed places—wisdom and knowledge losing as it comes down and
at the same time Government spending gaining as it goes up.
On May 5, 2006, Mayor Bloomberg expressed great concern that 185,000 science prizes for outstanding projects were given out
annually but now only 65,000. No wonder we’ve lost our place as No. 1 car manufacturer. India and China wouldn’t dream of turning
their schools into institutions to learn how to get along with one another. And we’re failing there too—school shootings (14 since
Columbine) and 32,000 school pupils being molested by teachers and/or staff annually).
We’re all concerned about the things happening to our young people, but we all have to be concerned about ourselves and our families
too! Many are paying high costs for private schools for their children to get away from the public schools, but these people must pay
high property taxes too, largely to support schools their children do not attend. Where is this all going with these exorbitant property
taxes—don’t think for a minute that we’re going to get any relief without doing something about the two things I brought up before
(teachers’-labor-union and federal involvement) because it’s just a fact borne out by the past that the worse the schools get, the more
money that’s poured into them. The money goes to the bureaucrats not really to the children other than a very small percentage. That’s
what Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, said when he gave up trying to help the schools. And the teachers’ labor unions have a vested
interest in rising teachers’ salaries because the dues paid are a fixed percentage of teachers’ salaries, thus adding more money to union
coffers. With a membership of 2.7 million (3.2 million since 9/1/06 when the NEA merged with the AFT in New York state). The
National Education Assn takes in $95 million just in NJ annually since most teachers pay $588-800 in dues per year, and the outlook
is for more and more teachers with so many pupils being assigned to special classes because of supposed handicaps and attendance
rising with more and more illegals being schooled! (Total National Education Assn receipts for period 9/30/91-8/31/92 were
$238,240,917.) Is it any surprise that the teachers’ labor unions support illegal immigration wholeheartedly! In looking at the property
taxes below, remember the two main causes are the teachers’ labor unions and federal involvement in education, which is
Property tax comparisons in the Mercer County area of New Jersey: (The unions came in in 1961.)
17 Laning Ave., Pennington, 1964 - $600.00 2006 - $12,500.00
141 So. Main St., Pennington, 1973 - $900.00 2006 - $12,500.00
25 Eglantine Ave., Pennington, 1994 - $4,500.00 2006 - $10,200
Hopewell Township in NJ, 1996 - $800.00 2006 - $7,500.00
66 Bogart Court, Princeton, NJ, 1994 -$45,000.00 2005 - $58,016.00