The Greatest Story of Fraud and Deception Never Read


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The American educational system is defunct. Patty Degen, a retired public school teacher with over 40 years' experience in the classroom, has written a treatise which, in surprisingly few words, explains exactly why and what the solutions are. One would have to read many, many books to get to this educational digest. Patty, of course, over the years, has consumed all of these books and has delved into all the "secrets" which takes a lot of digging. A must-read for anyone with young children or grandchildren or for anyone considering a teaching career.


Horribly written, formatting is horrendous, contains frequent grammar mistakes, lacks cohesion and organization. Majority of main points, while entraining, are argumentative and not well cited. While I agree with general principles I would not choose to use this book as reference.

Mike Smith

Badly written. It is not organized. Evidence for many 'arguments' is shaky or not present. Hearsay from 'experts' is not evidence.Author should instead write a piece on the argument for phonics in teaching reading. Ditch the rest.


Patty Degen

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