The Great Turon or Where is the Great Future of Uzbekistan


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Currently, the future does not look great for the people of Uzbekistan. This is totally unacceptable and totally wrong, but why this is happening? What went wrong in the history of these people? Why their economic and social standards are so underdeveloped? Can they overcome those problems anytime soon? What is necessary for that to happen and what needs to be fixed? This work is devoted to identifying deep, underlying problems in the development of the modern Uzbek society and to seeking possible solutions in order to shed some light inside the dark tunnel.

Lee Reed

This is a very enlightening book that covers the history of the Uzbek peoples from the days of Genghis Khan to the more recent Soviet occupation. There is also an evaluation of more recent trends with special emphasis on the threat that the massive trend toward Islamization poses. You may not agree with the author's viewpoint, but you will have to agree that his point of view is based on knowledge and experience and is well thought out.


Very unique, original, and pragmatic approach aiming to resolve centuries old problems.


Sam Tano

Sam Tano is a graduate from the University of Dayton, where he received his Masters Degree in International Affairs and Political Science. He also obtained MBA degree from the University of Phoenix. The history and politics of the Central Asia have been his lifelong obsession. Sam has extensive living and traveling experiences throughout Central Asia.

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