The Great American Pie Company HTML version

If you take a pie and cut it in two, the track of your knife will represent the course of
Mud River through the town of Gloning, and that part of the pie to the left of your
knife will be the East Side, while the part to the right will be the West Side. Away out
on the edge of the pie, where the town fritters away into the fields and shanties on
the East Side, dwells Mrs. Deacon, and a fatter, better -natured creature never trod
the crust of the earth or made the crust o f a pie. Being in reduced circumstances,
owing to the inability of Mr. Deacon to appreciate the beneficial effects of work, Mrs.
Deacon turned her famous baking ability to account, and in a small way began
selling her excellent homemade pies to those who liked a superior article. In time
Mrs. Deacon established a considerable trade among the people of Gloning, and Mr.
Deacon was wrested from his customary seat on the back steps to make daily
delivery trips with the Deacon home-made pies.
Ephraim Deacon was a deep thinker and philosopher. He was above his
environment, or at least he felt so, and while waiting for opportunity to approach
and give his talents full vent he scorned labor. So he sat around a good deal, and
jawed a good deal, and smoked.
But if you will return to your plate of Gloning you will see on the pie, far over on the
West Side, where the scallops lap over the edge of the plate, a little spot that is
burned a bit too brown. This is the home of Mrs. Phineas Doolittle, as base and