The Gravestone in the Pool HTML version

She loved to swim completely naked. She always swam naked. Whenever she could, by night,
whether it's cold or not, Hannah ran outside, stripped down to nothing and jumped happily into her
big in-ground pool. She enjoyed the changing lights that were coming from below and were giving
the water a bluish, greenish or orange touch. She especially liked floating under the moonlight and
while looking up to the stars she admired the dead silence. The only audible and welcomed sounds
were the distant chirping of crickets and quiet water.
Hannah was a young, lovely woman who was living alone with her white pom puppy in her little
house in Miami. Mia was the name of her dog. She got her in a time where her life was not going
well at all. There was a time where she used to be not alone. Hannah had a boyfriend. Her first and
only boyfriend, Matt. They were happily together for five years but two years ago, at an
unforgettable night, everything changed. Matt was on his way to Hannah's birthday party. He was in
a hurry due to his present that arrived too late. Hannah loved photography so he bought her a new
Canon camera that cost 400$ and a trip to Colorado. Matt was certainly not rich but he genuinely
loved Hannah so it was worth it. During his drive he jumped a couple of red lights hoping he
wouldn't arrive too late. Hannah called him and asked calmly where he is and why it takes him so
long. She wasn't angry, rather worried. She just wanted to know if he's okay. The distraction and
pressure caused loss of control and finally lead to a tragic accident. Matt crashed into a parked car
and died. He died slowly in pain since it was a crushing injury that killed him. Hannah just heard
loud noises until she lost the contact. She knew what happened and the horrible sounds didn't leave
much room for hope. In addition to the depression and trauma that this loss caused, Hannah also
had to deal with court proceedings. Matt's mother never liked Hannah and blamed her for the death
of her son. She brought a charge against her and even invented lies to throw her into prison. But
since Hannah was completely innocent she couldn't take it any longer. The pain, grief, guilt feelings
and the court weren't the only things that made her life hard. Her lone mother abandoned her
because she believed all the lies about her. She believed that her daughter set everything up, never
loved Matt and wanted him to die. That was when the suicidal ideation began. Fortunately, her only
and best friend John talked her out of that idea and bought her the pom puppy, Mia, in hope it
would help and distract her. Hannah and John were best friends since their birth.
Finally, after a lot of sorrow she won the case and started pursuing her goals. She wanted to become
a photographer so she quit her job as a cashier, improved her skills, and began working for hospitals
who hired her to take pictures of infants and create sweet photo albums. Working with babies and
their families was her true passion and she couldn't imagine a better job. In fact her passion, job,
Mia and John were the only important things in her life and the only things that helped with curing
her depression.
One Friday night when she was lazily floating on her stomach something greyish at the ground
surface caught her attention. It was way too blurry to tell what it exactly was so she slowly let
herself sink to the bottom of the pool. When she was close enough she saw something that looked
like a big, thick, semicircle shaped gravestone. She pulled it up and brought it to the water surface
awaiting that she couldn't pull it out of the pool but it wasn't as heavy as expected so she easily
dragged it out. It was clean and looked relatively new. The strange thing was that it had engravings
that didn't look like any language that was known to Hannah. It were just mysterious symbols.
'When and how did this get in here?' she thought sitting at the edge of the pool with her legs still
resting in the lukewarm water and the dripping gravestone on her lap. The odd symbols intrigued
her and she couldn't stop starring at them. After a while her surroundings began to darken and the
only thing she had eyes for were the gravestone. The coldness hit her knees but that didn't distract
her from starring at the gravestone until it began cooling Hannah's whole wet, naked body.
Shivering she slowly stood up and could avert her eyes from the gravestone only reluctantly. With
the gravestone under her arm she walked into her house.