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Problem 3. An Intangible Clue
"Have you studied the case?"
"Not I."
"Not studied the case which for the last few days has provided the papers with such
conspicuous headlines?"
"I do not read the papers. I have not looked at one in a whole week."
"Miss Strange, your social engagements must be of a very pressing nature just now?"
"They are."
"And your business sense in abeyance?"
"How so?"
"You would not ask if you had read the papers."
To this she made no reply save by a slight toss of her pretty head. If her employer felt
nettled by this show of indifference, he did not betray it save by the rapidity of his tones
as, without further preamble and possibly without real excuse, he proceeded to lay before
her the case in question. "Last Tuesday night a woman was murdered in this city; an old
woman, in a lonely house where she has lived for years. Perhaps you remember this
house? It occupies a not inconspicuous site in Seventeenth Street--a house of the olden
"No, I do not remember."
The extreme carelessness of Miss Strange's tone would have been fatal to her socially;
but then, she would never have used it socially. This they both knew, yet he smiled with
his customary indulgence.
"Then I will describe it."
She looked around for a chair and sank into it. He did the same.
"It has a fanlight over the front door."
She remained impassive.
"And two old-fashioned strips of parti-coloured glass on either side."