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Problem 2. The Second Bullet
"You must see her."
"No. No."
"She's a most unhappy woman. Husband and child both taken from her in a moment; and
now, all means of living as well, unless some happy thought of yours--some inspiration
of your genius-- shows us a way of re-establishing her claims to the policy voided by this
cry of suicide."
But the small wise head of Violet Strange continued its slow shake of decided refusal.
"I'm sorry," she protested, "but it's quite out of my province. I'm too young to meddle
with so serious a matter."
"Not when you can save a bereaved woman the only possible compensation left her by
untoward fate?"
"Let the police try their hand at that."
"They have had no success with the case."
"Or you?"
"Nor I either."
"And you expect--"
"Yes, Miss Strange. I expect you to find the missing bullet which will settle the fact that
murder and not suicide ended George Hammond's life. If you cannot, then a long
litigation awaits this poor widow, ending, as such litigation usually does, in favour of the
stronger party. There's the alternative. If you once saw her-- "
"But that's what I'm not willing to do. If I once saw her I should yield to her importunities
and attempt the seemingly impossible. My instincts bid me say no. Give me something
"Easier things are not so remunerative. There's money in this affair, if the insurance
company is forced to pay up. I can offer you--"
There was eagerness in the tone despite her effort at nonchalance. The other smiled
imperceptibly, and briefly named the sum.