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IX. Extracts From The February And March Numbers Of
Our Magazine
Miss Felicity King.
Mr. Felix King. Mr. Peter Craig. Miss Sara Ray.
The editor wishes to make a few remarks about the Resolution Honour Roll. As
will be seen, only one name figures on it. Felicity says she has thought a
beautiful thought every morning before breakfast without missing one morning,
not even the one we were at Peg Bowen's. Some of our number think it not fair
that Felicity should be on the honour roll (FELICITY, ASIDE: "That's Dan, of
course.") when she only made one resolution and won't tell us what any of the
thoughts were. So we have decided to give honourable mention to everybody
who has kept one resolution perfect. Felix has worked all his arithmetic problems
by himself. He complains that he never got more than a third of them right and
the teacher has marked him away down; but one cannot keep resolutions without
some inconvenience. Peter has never played tit-tat-x in church or got drunk and
says it wasn't as bad as he expected. (PETER, INDIGNANTLY: "I never said it."
CECILY, SOOTHINGLY: "Now, Peter, Bev only meant that as a joke.") Sara Ray
has never talked any mean gossip, but does not find conversation as interesting
as it used to be. (SARA RAY, WONDERINGLY: "I don't remember of saying
Felix did not eat any apples until March, but forgot and ate seven the day we
were at Cousin Mattie's. (FELIX: "I only ate five!") He soon gave up trying to say
what he thought always. He got into too much trouble. We think Felix ought to
change to old Grandfather King's rule. It was, "Hold your tongue when you can,
and when you can't tell the truth." Cecily feels she has not read all the good
books she might, because some she tried to read were very dull and the Pansy
books were so much more interesting. And it is no use trying not to feel bad
because her hair isn't curly and she has marked that resolution out. The Story
Girl came very near to keeping her resolution to have all the good times possible,
but she says she missed two, if not three, she might have had. Dan refuses to
say anything about his resolutions and so does the editor.
We regret that Miss Cecily King is suffering from a severe cold.