The Golden Road HTML version

Once upon a time we all walked on the golden road. It was a fair highway,
through the Land of Lost Delight; shadow and sunshine were blessedly mingled,
and every turn and dip revealed a fresh charm and a new loveliness to eager
hearts and unspoiled eyes.
On that road we heard the song of morning stars; we drank in fragrances aerial
and sweet as a May mist; we were rich in gossamer fancies and iris hopes; our
hearts sought and found the boon of dreams; the years waited beyond and they
were very fair; life was a rose-lipped comrade with purple flowers dripping from
her fingers.
We may long have left the golden road behind, but its memories are the dearest
of our eternal possessions; and those who cherish them as such may haply find
a pleasure in the pages of this book, whose people are pilgrims on the golden
road of youth.