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V. The First Number Of Our Magazine
The first number of Our Magazine was ready on New Year's Day, and we read it
that evening in the kitchen. All our staff had worked nobly and we were
enormously proud of the result, although Dan still continued to scoff at a paper
that wasn't printed. The Story Girl and I read it turnabout while the others, except
Felix, ate apples. It opened with a short
With this number Our Magazine makes its first bow to the public. All the editors
have done their best and the various departments are full of valuable information
and amusement. The tastefully designed cover is by a famous artist, Mr. Blair
Stanley, who sent it to us all the way from Europe at the request of his daughter.
Mr. Peter Craig, our enterprising literary editor, contributes a touching love story.
(Peter, aside, in a gratified pig's whisper: "I never was called 'Mr.' before.") Miss
Felicity King's essays on Shakespeare is none the worse for being an old school
composition, as it is new to most of our readers. Miss Cecily King contributes a
thrilling article of adventure. The various departments are ably edited, and we
feel that we have reason to be proud of Our Magazine. But we shall not rest on
our oars. "Excelsior" shall ever be our motto. We trust that each succeeding
issue will be better than the one that went before. We are well aware of many
defects, but it is easier to see them than to remedy them. Any suggestion that
would tend to the improvement of Our Magazine will be thankfully received, but
we trust that no criticism will be made that will hurt anyone's feelings. Let us all
work together in harmony, and strive to make Our Magazine an influence for
good and a source of innocent pleasure, and let us always remember the words
of the poet.
"The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upwards in the night."
(Peter, IMPRESSIVELY:--"I've read many a worse editorial in the Enterprise.")
Shakespeare's full name was William Shakespeare. He did not always spell it the
same way. He lived in the reign of Queen Elizabeth and wrote a great many
plays. His plays are written in dialogue form. Some people think they were not
written by Shakespeare but by another man of the same name. I have read some
of them because our school teacher says everybody ought to read them, but I did
not care much for them. There are some things in them I cannot understand. I
like the stories of Valeria H. Montague in the Family Guide ever so much better.