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10. The X-Ray Reader
"I think I'll pay another visit to Whitney, in spite of all that Norton and Lockwood say
about him," remarked Kennedy, considering the next step he would take in his
Accordingly, half an hour later we entered his Wall Street office, where we were met by a
clerk, who seemed to remember us.
"Mr. Whitney is out just at present," he said, "but if you will be seated I think I can reach
him by telephone."
As we sat in the outer office while the clerk telephoned from Whitney's own room the
door opened and the postman entered and laid some letters on a table near us. Kennedy
could not help seeing the letter on top of the pile, and noticed that it bore a stamp from
Peru. He picked it up and read the postmark, "Lima," and the date some weeks previous.
In the lower corner, underscored, were the words "Personal--Urgent."
"I'd like to know what is in that," remarked Craig, turning it over and over.
He appeared to be considering something, for he rose suddenly, and with a nod of his
head to himself, as though settling some qualm of conscience, shoved the letter into his
A moment later the clerk returned. "I've just had Mr. Whitney on the wire," he reported.
"I don't think he'll be back at least for an hour."
"Is he at the Prince Edward Albert?" asked Craig.
"I don't know," returned the clerk, oblivious to the fact that we must have seen that in
order to know the telephone number he must have known whether Mr. Whitney was there
or elsewhere.
"I shall come in again," rejoined Kennedy, as we bowed ourselves out. Then to me he
added, "If he is with Senora de Moche and they are at the Edward Albert, I think I can
beat him back with this letter if we hurry."
A few minutes later, in his laboratory, Kennedy set to work quickly over an X-ray
apparatus. As I watched him, I saw that he had placed the letter in it.
"These are what are known as 'low tubes,'" he explained. "They give out 'soft rays.'"
He continued to work for several minutes, then took the letter out and handed it to me.