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24. The Police Dog
Craig faced us, but there was no air of triumph in his manner. I knew what was in his
mind. He had the dagger. But he had lost Inez.
What were we to do? There seemed to be no way to turn. We knew something of the
manner of her disappearance. At first she had, apparently, gone willingly. But it was
inconceivable that she stayed willingly, now.
I recalled all the remarks that Whitney had ever made about her. Had the truth come out
in his jests? Was it Inez, not the dagger, that he really wanted?
Or was he merely the instrument of one or all of these people before us, and was this an
elaborate plan to throw Kennedy off and prove an alibi for them? He had been the partner
of Lockwood, the intimate of de Moche. Which was he working for, now--or was he
working for himself alone?
No answer came to my questions, and I reflected that none would ever come, if we sat
here. Yet there seemed to be no way to turn, without risking putting ourselves in a worse
position than before. At least, until we had some better plan of campaign, we occupied a
strategic advantage in Whitney's own house.
The hours of the night wore on. Midnight came. This inaction was killing. Anything
would be better than that
Suddenly the telephone startled us. We had wanted it to ring, yet when it rang we were
afraid of it. What was its message? It was with palpitating hearts that we listened, while
Craig answered.
"Yes, Burke," we heard him reply, "this is Kennedy."
There came a pause during which we could scarcely wait.
"Where are you now? Cold Stream. That is about twelve miles from Rockledge--not on
the New York road--the other road. I see. All right. We'll be there. Yes, wait for us."
As Craig hung up the receiver, we crowded forward. "Have they found her?" asked
Lockwood hoarsely.
"It was from Burke," replied Kennedy deliberately. "He is at a place called Cold Stream,
twelve miles from here. He tells me that we can find it easily--on a state road, at a sharp
curve that has been widened out, just this side of the town. There has been an accident--
Whitney's car is wrecked."