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17. The Voice From The Air
"Do you believe it?" I asked Kennedy, as the voices died away, leaving us with a feeling
that some one had gone out of the very room in which we were.
He shrugged his shoulders and said nothing. But I cannot say that he seemed ill pleased at
the result of the interview.
"We'll just keep this vocaphone in," he remarked. "It may come in handy some time.
Now, I think we had better go back to the laboratory! Things have begun to move."
On the way back he stopped to telephone Norton to meet us and a few minutes after we
arrived, the archaeologist entered.
Kennedy lost no time in coming directly to the point, and Norton could see, in fact
seemed to expect and be prepared for what was coming.
"Well," exclaimed Kennedy, "you've done it, this time!"
"I know what you are going to ask," returned Norton. "You are going to ask me why I did
it. And I'm going to tell you. After I left you, the other day, I thought about it a long time.
The more I thought, the more of a shame it seemed to me that a girl like that should be
made a victim of her feelings. It wasn't so much what they have done to me that made me
do it. I would have acted the same if it had been de Moche instead of Lockwood who was
playing on her heart. I was afraid, to tell the truth, that you wouldn't tell her until it was
too late. And she's too good to throw herself away and allow her fortune to be wasted by
a couple of speculators."
"Very well," said Craig. "For the sake of argument, let us admit all that. What did you
expect to accomplish by it?"
"Why--put an end to it, of course."
"But do you think she was going to accept as truth what you told her? Would that be
natural for one so high-strung?"
"Perhaps not--right away. But I supposed she would come to you--as I see she has, for
you know about it. After that, it was only a question of time. It may have been a heroic
remedy, but the disease was critical."
"Suppose," suggested Craig, "that, after all, he told her that he was there in the Museum,
but that he did not get the dagger. And suppose that she believed it. What then?"
Norton looked up quickly. "Did he tell her that?"