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Chapter 8. The Depths Of Omean
Now I realized why the black pirate had kept me engrossed with his strange tale. For
miles he had sensed the approach of succour, and but for that single tell-tale glance the
battleship would have been directly above us in another moment, and the boarding party
which was doubtless even now swinging in their harness from the ship's keel, would have
swarmed our deck, placing my rising hope of escape in sudden and total eclipse.
I was too old a hand in aerial warfare to be at a loss now for the right manoeuvre.
Simultaneously I reversed the engines and dropped the little vessel a sheer hundred feet.
Above my head I could see the dangling forms of the boarding party as the battleship
raced over us. Then I rose at a sharp angle, throwing my speed lever to its last notch.
Like a bolt from a crossbow my splendid craft shot its steel prow straight at the whirring
propellers of the giant above us. If I could but touch them the huge bulk would be
disabled for hours and escape once more possible.
At the same instant the sun shot above the horizon, disclosing a hundred grim, black
faces peering over the stern of the battleship upon us.
At sight of us a shout of rage went up from a hundred throats. Orders were shouted, but it
was too late to save the giant propellers, and with a crash we rammed them.
Instantly with the shock of impact I reversed my engine, but my prow was wedged in the
hole it had made in the battleship's stern. Only a second I hung there before tearing away,
but that second was amply long to swarm my deck with black devils.
There was no fight. In the first place there was no room to fight. We were simply
submerged by numbers. Then as swords menaced me a command from Xodar stayed the
hands of his fellows.
"Secure them," he said, "but do not injure them."
Several of the pirates already had released Xodar. He now personally attended to my
disarming and saw that I was properly bound. At least he thought that the binding was
secure. It would have been had I been a Martian, but I had to smile at the puny strands
that confined my wrists. When the time came I could snap them as they had been cotton
The girl they bound also, and then they fastened us together. In the meantime they had
brought our craft alongside the disabled battleship, and soon we were transported to the
latter's deck.