The Girl Who Dropped In HTML version

Jonathan Theodore lived an ordinary life in a common suburban street in a Canberra
suburb so much like every other as to be not worth describing. Suffice to say that, if you
are a suburban dweller, simply venture outside and look around. There, you have
successfully set the opening scene of this tale. For those who live elsewhere, find a
suburb and stand in it. Any suburb will do, they are all pretty much the same around
In general, Jonathan Theodore's life was routine, unsurprising and contained very little
of interest to anyone whose name was not Jonathan Theodore. If your name happens
to be Jonathan Theodore and you are not the subject of this story, my apologies for
describing you as boring. I'm sure you lead a very exciting life but you may wish to
perhaps change your name to create a better self-image. Something like Max Strong
might work.
It came as some surprise for Jonathan, therefore, to be talking to a policeman at his
door this day. It would come as a greater surprise when he was to discover that he had
in fact lied to said policeman regarding the matter at hand. Being a law-abiding citizen,
Jonathan would not normally entertain such deceptions for a minute. But Jonathan's life
was soon to change in ways he could not yet imagine.
Closing the door he frowned at the interruption to his routine. He frowned even more at
the sounds of cracking, breaking, falling and a rather large thud coming from the
kitchen. Today was just not going to schedule.
That schedule by the way consisted of:
Wake up - tick,
Make breakfast consisting of a cup of tea and two poached eggs on toast (it being a
Saturday) - tick,
Whilst reading the paper (the one that doesn't contain page 3 girls - you will understand
what I am talking about soon) - tick,
Shower - tick,
Brush teeth - tick,
Shop for fruit and veggies at the local market,
Pottering in his rather proud of garden (it being sunny),
Reading a book for 2 hours,
Cooking dinner and finally
Watching the evening TV whilst sipping on a nice glass of red.