The Gift of Power HTML version

The Gift of Power - Dan McNamara
Dr. Randy Denson spent weeks anticipating this moment. He is not ready.
He nervously peers through the crack of the door and silently watches the old man and
his younger male companion begin to stand, ready to leave the hotel’s small ballroom.
Denson is affixed, his mind torn. Here they are right in front of him. The old man must be
the puppeteer, the kind of evil he promised his dying wife he would root out and put to an end.
The other, the assassin sent by the old codger to kill him and Steng only days ago.
“What on earth...?” He’s stunned as the companion pulls his gun out and points it
directly at his presumed boss.
Denson’s instincts overrule all logic. He draws his pistol from his denim shorts and
throws himself into the room, assumes his best Jack Bauer stance and stammers out his
command, “S-s-top. Police. Lower your weapon. I’ll sh-shoot!”
“What the hell are you doing here?”Rasoone is clearly bewildered. And annoyed.
Avery ignores Denson and interjects calmly, “Ah, Ras, excuse me, but I’ve got a few
questions. Like, who is this clown, why is he here, why did you pull a gun on me? Questions of
that nature.”
“It’s Denson, the CSI guy. I don’t know how or why he’s here.” Ras keeps his gun pointed
at the ancient’s forehead.
“And why is your gun aimed at me?”
“Oh...that...I’m going to kill you.”
Denson thrusts his gun forward, astonished he isn’t being taken seriously. His pleas to
God for more confidence are ignored,
“N-no you’re not. If you shoot him, I’ll sh’shoot you. I’m not good enough to maim you.
I’ll have to g-go for your upper body.” Denson has never stuttered in his life.