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Appendix – Talking about sex with your partner
Okay, first off, this is crazy isn’t it! You’ve probably spent years with your partner, she knows you
better than anyone else, and you know her better than anyone else does, you’ve both seen each other
in some hideous states (think horrendous hangovers from hell here), you may have seen your partner
giving birth, you’ve both had to have conversations about some really serious subjects about
everything from mortgages to when to have children, but when it comes to sex it’s one of those
weirdly tricky things to talk about.
So why do our communications get difficult when we try talking about sex? Well, it’s mainly because
it’s a really uncomfortable topic to be talking about. So it’s well worth knowing that very few partners
report having discussed sex together at all. You aren't alone if it does make you both uncomfortable.
However, learning how to communicate what you both need, like and dislike in bed is one of the best
steps that you can possibly take to have more and better sex.
In this appendix we’re going to cover the following topics…
We’re going to start with looking at why you’d want to communicate more, and better, with your
partner about sex. We’ll look at what’s in it for you.
We’ll look at ways that you can tell her that you want more sex.
We’ll also look at ways that you can tell her that you aren’t being satisfied by her in bed (without
hideously upsetting her).
We’ll discuss ways that you find out from her what she wants in bed, what her likes and dislikes
If there’s something that you particularly want to try out in bed, but you aren’t sure how to ask
then we’ll also cover that off here too.
We’ll take a quick look at role plays, and about how to get feedback on what you’ve tried out
So well done for even reading this appendix! It’s going to be well worth the effort, just know that this
isn’t going to be easy and that good communication will take hard work and practice to get right.
With that said then – let’s get practicing….
Why would you want to talk about sex with your partner?
Secondly, let’s explore what’s in it for you when you start getting good at talking about sex with your
1. It’s a great way to find out what your partner needs are in order for her to want to get into bed
with you more often – and that’s why you purchased this course in the first place isn’t it?
2. Then, having got her into bed more often it’s a great way to find out what your partner needs
when she is in bed with you.
3. You'll learn a huge amount from your conversations about sex with your partner, all of which you
can bring to your next sex session to keep on improving, and by keeping on improving she’s got
even more reasons to want to come back to bed with you.
4. Not having sex in silence will more than likely make both of you feel a whole load better about
your sexual experiences together.
5. It’s very unlikely to destroy the mood – in fact if anything its great foreplay, can be very exciting
and it’s a great way of making sure that you’ll both get what you want in bed. It’s not, by any