The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course - Week 1 HTML version

consider just not having sex for a while until you've applied the suggested stop it now's. ie fix the
relationship first, then get back to the sex later.
Exercise 3
Today, and from here on in, if you have been doing any sort of criticism of the sex that you either
have or indeed haven't been having, and that needs to also include you putting pressure on her to be
wet for you - then I need you to stop this please - TODAY. It's jolly simple really.
Exercise 4
From here on in, daily, you need to be checking in with yourself. You need to be making sure that you
aren't doing any of the stuff that I've suggested that you stop doing.
Exercise 5
Imprint into your brain the following, and do it by repeating it at least 17 times over the course of
today please... if you start enriching your partners life with a little of what she wants and needs then
she should be way more open to the idea of starting to enrich your life with a little of what you want
and need, ie sex.
Exercise 6
Today I'd like you please to remember that connecting with your partner = A VERY GOOD THING.
So, with that in mind, and from here on in, when your partner says that she wants to ‘talk with you’
don't roll your eyes, and instead remember that (a) by talking you are connecting and (b) actually sit
down and talk with her. Even if you just try it a few times to see what occurs. Just please give it a try.
Exercise 7
And when you are talking with your partner today I want you to practise the listening skills we
discussed earlier. I don't expect you to remember all of them, there were a lot there. When we get to
the daily to do exercises we'll practice all of the listening skills regularly, so just do what you can,
remember what you can from what you've read and observe the difference that listening well makes to
your conversation and to your connection with your partner.
What's next: Weeks 2-8
Well done for getting to the end of week 1. In a moment you'll get to the two appendices included in
this weeks eBook; "Causes of low sexual desire" and "Talking about sex with your partner". Before
we do that though let's take a quick look at what we'll get to in the eBooks for weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5-8.
"The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course - Week 2"
Days 6-8: In week 2 we start looking at the 'Start It Now' suggestions. The first 2 days of week 2
continues to look at more suggestions for things that you should start doing if you want more sex.
Having taken you down a peg or two with all of the 'Stop It Now’s', these 2 days will continue to
build you back up. We cover topics that will help you get more such as; creating a connection with
your partner, becoming a good listener, appreciating and valuing what your partner does for you, your
household and your family, giving your partner your time and helping out around the house. And for
the non-believers we bring each suggestion back to why you purchased the course in the first place –
ie why each of the start it now suggestions will help you get more sex.