The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course - Week 1 HTML version

Summarizing Day 5
Wow, that was quite a lot today, I’ll give you that. Let’s recap on what we’ve covered off…
1. I started off by making the very sensible suggestion that you quit asking your partner if she's
come? when you have sex.
2. What worked with your last partner in bed might not work with your new partner. I'm using the
word ‘new’ in a very loose sense of the word of course. She might be 10, 20, 30 years+ new! But
it’s quite possible that you might still be using old sex ideas that worked well all that time ago.
3. Don’t use sex as a tool to mend other, broken, areas of your relationship.
4. Remember that you being given a blow job is not permission to come in her mouth! Apologies
again for the bluntness, but it will likely not go down particularly well with your partner.
5. Your partner’s clit is neither (a) a magic button or (b) a miniature cock. It will need very different
handling to your penis.
6. If you are putting pressure on your partner to go on the pill then stop it. At least be open to the
idea of discussing it with her first, don't just make the assumption that she's okay with it.
7. Whether you are getting sex or not, do not criticize it, and that includes putting any pressure on
her to be 'wet' for you. It will not help your cause, at all.
8. Keep a check on yourself daily - don't, whatever you do, go back to doing any of the stuff that I've
recommended that you stop doing. You will only go backwards in this process if you do.
9. If you start enriching your partners life with a little of what she wants and needs then she should
be way happier, in theory, to start enriching your life with a little of what you want and need, ie
10. Think of sex like putting up a skyscraper; all of the stop it now’s that we’ve covered are your
planning permission, and the start it now’s are the skyscrapers very important foundations, and it's
steel superstructure to keep it upright and together.
11. Being ‘connected’ to your partner outside of the bedroom is very important to helping her want to
get connected to you inside of the bedroom. ‘Connecting’ is something that you do daily.
12. If you can remember and bear with the fact that women do not need to have a purpose for a
conversation, like you probably do, then you'll be doing yourself a lot of favours. Just talking with
your partner builds the connection between you both, and being connected is really, really
important for ensuring that your partner is in the right place for sex with you.
13. Become a better listener to get more sex... that's right. When you are chatting with your partner
listen to her well. I won't go back over the listening skills here, we will get to them again when we
hit the daily connecting tips, so for the moment all you need to remember is that listening to your
Day 5 Exercise’s
You’ll be glad to know that there isn’t quite as much homework today…
Exercise 1
The first exercise is only really relevant the next time you have sex, and it is this; if you normally ask
your partner if she's come? after sex. Then stop it. Worry not though, because later on we'll get to
some tips, ideas and tricks you can try so that you can help make her come yourself, and secondly
we'll get to some pointers you can watch out for to know if she's turned on or not.
Exercise 2
Today have a good think about what I said about not using sex as a tool to mend other broken areas of
your relationship. Now this might absolutely not apply to you, but if it does then go careful. Perhaps