The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course - Week 1 HTML version

Summarizing Day 4
Okay, well done, we made it to the end of day 4. I’m really hoping that you aren't feeling too battered,
bruised or worse, fed up. Tomorrow we start getting to some positive stuff, we start getting to the
things that are going to build you back up, so hang on in there please, keep going with every single bit
of this course, no skipping. Let’s get summarizing today before we move on …
1. You need to be making sure that your partner feels safe in your relationship, so; be around, open
up a bit and show some emotion occasionally and tell your partner that you love her nice and
often please.
2. It's more than likely that your partner is not withholding sex from you out of spite.
3. If you are reminding your partner that you aren't having sex as much as the national average, then
4. I made the suggestion that if you started helping your partner out around the house, helping her
out with her, probably very long, list of chores, that she'd then have more free time for you, and
that she would also be way more open to the idea of sex with you.
5. If you are going to ogle other women then do it subtly, so that your partner does not notice that
you are doing so.
6. Control your drinking. You being a total drunkard is not going to help you get any more sex.
7. Have some of your own interests; try not to be too similar to your partner.
8. I introduced the idea that unfortunately your partner is not going to get turned on by you
wandering about in the nude. Boo.
9. Your partner may not take well you rejecting her over football, cricket, or whatever other interest
tickles your fancy. So it's well worth having a careful think about the impact that you rejecting her
over this interest of yours has on your sex life.
10. Your bedroom (and come to think of it, your house too) needs to be a relaxing, romantic place in
order for romantic sexy thoughts to be allowed to enter your partners head. With that in mind you
need to make sure that you aren’t using your bedroom floor as a dirty clothes storage facility
11. Quit doing stuff in front of your partner that is going to totally put her off of you; picking your
nose, trumping, chewing your fingernails and spitting them out on the floor, making that horrible
noise you do with the back of your throat like you are going to spit a wonderful mixture of flem
and snot onto the floor, etc. You get the drift I'm sure.
12. Keep your promises. If you've told your partner that you'll do something then damn well make
sure you get it done.
13. If you're not with your partner, and you're talking with someone else about her - then talk about
her as if she was there with you.
14. Today we talked about treating sex as less of a race to get from zero to penetration in as quick a
time as possible, and how, if you are doing this, it has the potential to be putting your partner off
of sex for next time.
15. If you are lucky enough to be getting some sex at the moment then try your best not to fall asleep
immediately afterwards. Try some cuddling up and snogging rather than turning over and snoring
away immediately after you've come.
16. You and your partner have more than likely already decided on whether you are both okay about
having sex during her period. If you are both okay with it though make sure that you don't go
getting funny about any blood produced as a result.
Day 4 Exercise’s