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Summarizing Day 3
Before we move on to today’s exercises let’s have a summary of what we’ve looked at today…
1. Just because your partner show's you affection - it doesn’t mean that she immediately wants sex
with you. Stop trying to initiate sex at the slightest show of affection. Start giving and returning
affection just for the sake of it instead.
2. Remember that an affair is not the answer to your lack of sex problem. Okay, a little bit of flirting
here and there is acceptable, but please mull round in your head today the thought that having an
affair can be incredibly damaging, especially if you have children. Try and observe the ‘look but
don't touch’ rule.
3. Being an egotistical maniac is not attractive.
4. Answer your partner's questions. Give her proper answers, not just "whatever", or "I don't know".
And don't brush off those "are you okay?" questions. Your partner cannot read your mind and
answering properly shows her some respect, and you need this respect in your relationship in
order to get more sex.
5. Remember that asking your partner derogatory questions about her period will not help what is
otherwise a really unpleasant time of the month for her.
6. Quit being a doormat. Don't get walked all over by everyone, including your partner. Banish your
insecurities and find a happy balance.
7. Is your partner really a controlling, manipulating old whingebag? Could it perhaps be that she is
trying to create a loving home and relationship for you both instead?
8. Likewise you can't be a manipulating, controlling old whingebag yourself too. You've got to keep
this in check. You don't always have to be in control, and you certainly don't always have to be
right, especially if you want more sex.
9. Resentment can go both ways, it's difficult to hide and it can kill sex in a relationship. If there is
something that you resent your partner for then you need to have a conversation with her about it.
Likewise if you think there is something that your partner might resent you for, then firstly keep a
check on it and then do something about it, and if that fails and the resentment is still there then
you need to talk about it with your partner. It’s all about the communication.
10. Quit keeping stuff from your partner.
11. Who are you putting first? Your children, or your partner? One very important concept that we'll
get to in later days is the time thing - you need to spend quality time with your partner, just the
two of you, if you want to get connected enough for sex to even be on the cards.
12. Asking your partner if she is “in the mood” for sex? is not an effective seduction strategy. Sorry
chaps but you are going to have to work harder at it than that. It's all about the oxytocin levels -
more oxytocin = turned on partner.
13. If you and your partner have just had a baby then you need to exercise some patience please. Your
partner will more than likely be tired and have other things to worry about for a while. So watch
for those good, positive signs that things are improving again and come back to this course then
14. Don't take being rejected by your partner for sex personally. Start letting the water fall of your
ducks back.
Day 3 Exercise’s
Exercise 1
Today’s first exercise is about keeping a watch on your inappropriate touching please. Let's say that
your partner wants a cuddle with you, or goes to give you a kiss. I'd like you to just take this for what