The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course - Week 1 HTML version

Summarizing Day 2
Okay, let’s go back over today in summary form…
1. Quit pursuing your partner for sex - it’s not an effective seduction strategy and will only annoy
your partner.
2. If you are an 'angry' person, then go work on it, it will put your partner off of you and will do
nothing for your sex life.
3. Stop arguing - you are very unlikely to get sex having just argued with your partner.
4. The lack of sex that you are getting is not your partners 'fault' - you absolutely have some
responsibility here too.
5. Don't put your partner down, most especially about your sex life.
6. Stop being jealous, it won't help and it's all solvable by talking with your partner.
7. Quit with any and all lying. It breaks trust, and you need trust in your relationship in order to get
more sex.
8. Give your partner some respect if you value your relationship and your sex life.
9. Stop all reminders that you may be giving your partner about the lack of sex that you are both
10. It's hard, yes, but stop closing down if you get rejected for sex. It will not help you at all.
11. Don't set tests for your partner to fail, it's more than likely she will fail them, and it will achieve
absolutely nothing.
12. Help your partner with any concerns that she has about her body image. Avoid negatives like the
13. Don't be a control freak, it will build resentment in your relationship, and will kill any thoughts of
sex that your partner might otherwise have had.
14. Don’t “punish” your partner for not giving you sex. It's mean, it's wrong and it won't magically
get you any sex, at all.
15. You making negative comments to your partner about the lack of sex that you are having will
NOT magically get you ANY sex.
16. Quit thinking that regular sex in your relationship is a given, you do not have a right to it; it's
something that you will need to work at.
Day 2 Exercise’s
So, we’ve summed up today, and you’ve been given a whole load of stuff to think about. So, what I
want you to do today and from here on in please is to follow these little rules…
Exercise 1
If you were doing any form of ‘pursuing’ of your partner for sex, then stop it dead. You know what
pursuing is now, so don’t do any of it, in any form, no excuses allowed.
Exercise 2
If you recognised the description of the angry person we talked about earlier - then today - start
calming down. If you need to then take the time to find a book or an online resource to find out more
about how you can help yourself with this issue. Calm down, take a deep breath or 10 and just chill
Exercise 3