The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course - Week 1 HTML version

Summarizing Day 1
First off then – lets acknowledge that it’s possible that you probably won’t have started to get to the
sort of information that you are after quite yet. But today has all been about getting you into the right
place for the rest of the content. We’ve had a look at…
1. How the course works.
2. How long the course is going to take to ‘work’ for you.
3. What it's going to take, for you personally, to succeed in achieving your goals.
4. We've looked at you setting yourself some goals of what you'd like to achieve, and in creating a
plan to stick to.
5. And also at why it might be an idea to quit trying to get sex for a while.
6. I’ve suggested that it might not be such a good idea to believe anything that you read in this
course, because simply believing anything that you’ve read isn’t going to be the thing that gets
you more sex, actually going out and practising what you are learning is going to be the thing that
7. We've looked at the assumptions that the course makes about you.
8. And finally, we’ve looked at whether or not it’s a good idea to tell your partner that you are
undertaking this course.
Day 1 Exercise’s
Normally at this point in the day’s proceedings you’ll be given your daily exercises to read, think
about and to go off and do. Today though all I’d like you to do please is to mull round in your head
what you’ve read today. You don’t have to go back and read everything again, hopefully the
important points from what you’ve just read have already stuck in your head – so just re-reading and
thinking about the summary above is enough. Doing this today will set you off in good stead for the
start of the course tomorrow.