The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course - Week 1 HTML version

2. And along those same lines – having a ‘sex date’, where you both agree to go to bed to make love
at an agreed date and time with an agreed frequency can work wonders.
3. If you are getting the feeling that your partner won't go to bed with you until a long list of her
prerequisites have all been met and bitterness is slowing creeping in because in the past despite
meeting all of these demands it still hasn't meant that you get sex at the end of it - then don’t give
up. Try and approach it again with a new attitude, try not to automatically dismiss what your
partner is telling you that she needs in order to be more sexual with you. Try giving her the
benefit of the doubt again - even if you're not sure that it will make a difference.
4. If talking doesn’t work then you can also try writing your partner a letter or a note. The
underlying principle here is that you doing something totally different rather than just keeping on
with the talking. Your partner may respond better if she can actually see the words written down?
Why? Because she may simply not be listening to the words that you say but writing it down
triggers off the necessary difference in the way that the message is put across - she may just
respond better to seeing the message rather than hearing it – that’s just the way some people are.
I’d advise against just handing it over to her in person – and instead leaving the letter or note
somewhere that she’ll find it.
5. And if you’ve tried talking and you’ve written a letter and it’s still not working? Then try talking
to her over the phone instead. This could potentially work better because you aren’t face to face
and you both may just be more comfortable that way.
About the author
My name is Jeremy Parker, I am 40 years of age and I live and work in the South West of the UK. I
am married and have two children.
The Get More, Get Better course started life as a series of frustrations for me. A frustration, firstly, at
a complete lack of understanding of how to get my wife into bed, and secondly, a frustration at the
lack of decent help out there for men in my situation.
Fed up with not having a clue how to get my wife into bed more regularly I decided to set out on a
learning journey to work out what I needed to do. I started to purchase more books than I care to
remember, I scoured countless articles on the web and had some fairly frank conversations with my
male friends.
I read; books on how to get better at sex, countless books on relationship improvement, books with
titles about what to do if your marriage had no sex in it whatsoever, books on how to have sex with
your partner in long term relationships, magazine articles on seduction, even books on how to pickup
women. And as I read I made notes, mainly by way of picking out the good bits which applied to my
situation (of which, unfortunately, there were few). As I read more, and tried to find out more
information, it became clear that there was really very little out there for my specific situation. It's odd
that there are loads of books on how to pickup women in the first place, loads on what to do with your
female partner once you’ve got her into bed, but very little on how to actually get her there in the first
place. Which, let’s face it; after the infatuation stage in a relationship is over, kids have set in, career
building really kicks off and the speed of life goes supersonic, it’s never the easiest thing in the world
to do.
Then I decided to share the summary of my learning - and the Get More, Get Better course is the
result. Many years worth of trawling, reading, note taking, trial and error, frustration, learning,
talking, writing, failing, picking back up, hard work and understanding have gone into this course so
that you don’t have to go through the same, very long winded, learning curve as I did.