The Future World President's First True Love HTML version

Sure, okay, he was gorgeous enough to catch any girl’s eye with that curly black
hair, broad shoulders and those deep, dark eyes. He sure caught Ariel’s as he came
across the dance floor, sidestepping a swinging arm, shimmying a gap between two
wild-haired women, gliding around an unraveling knot of clumsy, foot-stomping
students. He found a space at the bar and leaned over, a hundred-Euro note in a
sculpted hand.
So okay, he was hot, and she was young and beautiful and all that, but that doesn’t
explain what happened next in this club swirling with hot, young, beautiful people, for
when their eyes met something amazing happened, a honey thunderbolt of delicious
connection, then a warm shiver right through her body. She saw – no, felt – it go
through him too. He lost his cool and gaped at her as everything, the pulse of the music,
the rhythmic lights, the hubbub of voices, everything else ebbed away. A smile came to
his eyes in the quiet, and she felt it in her own.
Then the barman moved between them, and the world came throbbing back.
This is it! Love at first sight. This is what they mean. The myth is confirmed! She took a
shaky breath and then a sip of her juice, willing the barman to hurry up. But he stayed
rooted, legs spread wide, leaning forward and yakking away to the beautiful boy,
ignoring the waving hands to his left and right. So Ariel’s flustered mind had
opportunity to interfere and over-analyze everything, as usual.
No, just chemistry that’s all Genetic compatibility Biology. Animal instinct. Maybe five
years ago I dreamed about this, but now I know–
His head bobbed up over the barman’s shoulder A flash of eyes and he ducked back
again. Her heart actually fluttered. Animal reaction that’s all her mind went on and on.
A spike in blood pressure, reacting to the oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline … oh shut up already.